viernes, 27 de abril de 2012



I must respect my fathers
I must clean my room

I must sleep before midnight

I must help my family
I must go to school


I mustn't play video games in the night

I mustn't smoke

I mustn't play fire in the house

I mustn't drink 

I mustn't come home after midnight 


My mother have to wash the dishes,  mop the floor, have to clean the window, iron the clothes, do the laundry, cook and put away groceries.

My brother have to clean your room and make your bed. his wife make a diner and wash my brother dishes and make your bed..

I have to wash my clothes, make my bed, clean my room and watering the plants. and i must make my homework.

My father have to work and take out the trash, my father never come at  my home
he doesn't have to make the bed and everything in the house.


I'm going to pass my subjects

I'm going to practice more sports
I'm going to travel to Spain

I'm going to save my money

I'm going to get a job
I'm going to buy a new guitar

I'm going to buy a new backpack 
I'm going to play soccer every day

I'm going to buy a new tennis 
I'm going to read a new book
I'm going to pain a picture.

jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

Activity no 1

My name is alfredo Samperio
I´m funny and noisy
I'm young, of medium height, i have curly and short hair
I'like play soccer and video games
Fernando, Axel, Bruno and Alejandro are my friends.

I have one brother, he's name is Alejandro and he is older than me

My mom is very estrict be cause she says i mustn't play with fire in the house and other things
today mom punished me, be cause, i didn't mean make the homework in the morning
but I do not care, i like sleep.

and the cats are my favorite animals